having to take meds. just to be able to smile every day and not wake up crying.. It's literally just torture. Whoever else going through severe depression, im so sorry for you and im in the same exact spot .

This is the worst ****!ng problem in peoples minds.. It's a silent, deadly disease that slowly kills you without anyone else noticing how horrible it can feel inside.

Used to wake up every day for school crying as soon as I opened my eyes. At the beginning of each school year, I tried so hard to not let it happen again. "Not this time," I'd say. But a couple weeks after each school year started? Every single day. Crying..
It was so hard to do anything when I began to get the depression more severely.
Chemical imbalance in the brain? There's no physical proof and no matter what we do, we can't control it unless we take meds. And RARELY does the depression just "go away." ....what kind of mental disease is this? It's horrible. I hate it. :(
Whoever else has this, im so sorry it's you too. Hope you get better.
It's so horrible that if God gave me a choice to take someone else's depression away, by giving them the rest of my happiness..? I'd do it and just kill myself. I can't stand the idea of others with severe depression or depressive episodes. God bless you guys soo much. :(
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Thank you for your kind words.

I found this ask.fm that seems to help people with advice. I just thought I should tell people. www.ask.fm/StepIntoMyOffice

When you try really really hard not to do something, you usually do it, because you're thinking about it. What you have to do is stop thinking about it. Then it won't happen. To do this.... find something else to concentrate on... something completely different... even something weird (to others) but wonderful (to you).

Sweety let's talk sometime..