It Annoyed Me Then And It Annoys Me Now.

  When I was young, I was constantly hit on by older men. It was gross. We had nothing in common, they could not keep up with me if they tried, they hated my music, and their skin is...thin like paper. it's like going out with your dad or your grandpa. The only thing older men have going for them is financial security. NOW that I am older I am attracted to men my age and slightly older. Is'nt that how nature should work ? 

  Once I hit 40, I found that I could no longer get a date unless the man was over 60. All the men want 20 somethings. They will accept 30 somethings that they can dump later. The media has made this trend happen. On tv you consistently see older men with younger women while a woman who dates a guy her own age or younger is referred to as a "cougar", like it's some abomination. Most men prefer " barely legal" ****. Some men are even getting off with anime characters because they are so child like. The trend is toward legal **********. Men want younger and younger women, who are smaller and smaller...but with fake bosoms that they can point to in their defense of being attracted to children. What should women just kill themselves at 40 ? no longer of any use to you eh ? Yah we've got a few stretchmarks...YOU gave them to us. You have been programmed by the media and you don't give a damn what it does to your female peers psychologically. I would even bet most of you who prefer younger women would'nt mind if there were suicide parlours for women 40 and over. " Bye honey it was fun but you are too old now. Kill yourself and save me the divorce and I'll shack up with some child who wants my money. I always had fantasies about doing our daughter anyway. " ADMIT IT ! You know you did !

Get a brain and see that you are programmed. Go for a woman your own age and you'll get 10 times as much tail as you will chasing after kids. You'll get more respect as well.

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How about cutting off hsi ****** ? LOL

Thanks. The day I wrote this post I was browsing profiles and 4 guys in a row where in a group that says they prefer young women. They were all 45 + males. It just pissed me off. My X was into barely legal ****, so much so that he became addicted to it. he was 50. He could no longer function with me or any other female unless she looked under 18. I am an attractive woman and look about 10 years younger than I am, but it was'nt enough. I stopped eating ( and I am diabetic ), excercized to the point of injuring myself, died my hair blonde, started wearing pink, bought push up bras, taped my face to make me look younger but I could never reach that teenage look he wanted. I know, I was being stupid but I was trying to save my relationship. Hell, I'm a nymph but I could'nt get laid by my own mate because I had become too old. I finally walked in on him with **** in the dvd pla<x>yer. blondes that looked to be about 14 to 16. I ripped it out of the pla<x>yer, smashed it and the remote, and kicked his *** out. I also poured honey into his computer. <br />
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I was so insecure when I met Steve but he's really helped my self esteem. He loves me the way I am and he's younger than I am by 4 years. Not a day goes by that he does'nt tell me how pretty I am. Steve is a rare breed of man.

Amen.<br />
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