I'm Tired Of My Controlling Mother.

I am a married 36 year old woman.  I have been in and out of my mothers home a couple of times. This time i'm here because my husband thought it was a great place to live besides it's my mother if she did hurt me in the past, well my husband  said its time to forgive. I tried to convince my husband not to move in but it didn't work. Respecting my husband and giving my mom another chance to bond back and help out with the mortgage we moved in. I was pregnant at that time with my second son and my oldest was 7. My nightmares didn't stop there it had just begun. It was great for a while but then when my oldest started to have fits and me and my husband (step dad) tried to discipline him as we did when we had our own apartment. Well my mother interfere and didn't approved for my husband to discipline him at all. I told my mother why she disapproved we are not using violence and we do spank him if it is necessary besides my husband has been in his life since he was 1 year old and thats all my son seen. His real father never came in the picture or wanted any responsibility.  So to make this long story short. My mother told my son that he shouldn't listen to my husband because he was not his real father and went on an took my son to her home then forced my son to turn me in to social service and made a story that i had kicked him and was abusing toward him.  I was in total shock to hear the news and worst because i found out through my sons teacher how the report was done. I cried and finally i sat down with my son and ask if he knew what he had done. He looked at me at me and let me did the talking and i was very honest and told him the consequence could be him being removed from the house and worst that that his brother will be taken as well if they decide. I explain that if his grandma new that she cant take him either until further investigation because of what he had said. Of course my son was very hurt by the new my mom gave him and wanted answers why i never told him. I explain why but he was hurt and scared what would happen now. I explain to be honest and nothing bad will happen and trust me because i was his mother. Nothing happen charges and case was closed. Now time has passed my son is now 15, i lost my job and we have only one income and bunch of debt and want out. I am not sure what to do, i have thought of just stop paying my debts so we could afford to move out. My son still throws fits and runs to my mother home and doesn't want to get grounded and told he does wrong.  He has gone to my mother home  being lazy doing nothing but waking up to eat, watch t.v and take a shower and sleep. Since my home is behind her and she is the landlord they do what they want come in my home and does not respect me or my husband and both take advantage of the situation me and my husband are in. I told my husband i am willing to sell our furniture and move a smaller place as long as there is peace.

cgrace cgrace
31-35, F
Apr 7, 2010