Same Old, Different Day

My life is so dull, mostly because I don't have many friends or family. I get up, go to work and come home. I work with people much older than me (40+), I am in my 20's. We do talk but we are not on the same level. Sometimes it seems as if they think I am too young. I used to have other friends in the company but they left or moved to different departments and work different shifts. I am so tired of eating lunch alone. I have a boyfriend who thinks he's a superstar and everyone knows him. He comes from a small town that he's lived in all his life so everyone knows each other. he's always bragging about all the people he's met although he doesn't have friends. the 2 or 3 he does have live out of the country and he sees them maybe 3 times a year. others he calls friends he sees once every few years.

he annoys me with this attitude but maybe it's just because I feel lonely. I go out now and then but I feel I should be doing more. I don't want to be sitting home alone, so I'd rather sit at work alone. At least at work there are people around. I try to think positively and talk to people but I haven't been able to make any lasting friendships. I go to the gym and have spoken to som epeople there. maybe i just put people off when i'm half dying during my workouts lol! I know I can't go through life carrying on this way. At least things would be better if my bf wanted to do things with me but he wants to do his own thing. I really don't know what to do anymore and I just feel more and more tired everyday. It always looks like other people are having so much fun. I haven't had much chance to make friends growing up because we moved around so much. As soon as I would actually find a friend or a few friends, we would move again and I'd lose touch with tthem. I really can't take the loneliness anymore.
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Same here, even though in in a very happy relationship.

Im lonely everyday too

i think it's habit and he has broken me to where i feel i won't find someone who will be with me longterm.
i have wanted to but it's tough. i don't know where to start and where i stay i have no transport except to work. if i could find a group with people that live near me that would be perfect!