Thanks For Your Thoughts

i had to delete the story.  seemed so negative so i couldn't leave it.

to the person who commented,

thank you so much. it sounds almost the same thing, doesn't it? i'm sorry to gripe and complain here, it's just that i am so overwhelmed. some days i don't think about it much but then others - oh boy! lol

i don't want to take my son away from seeing my dad necessarily, but just from staying over there. my son does not have a male role model really because my ex was and is never around.

that being said, i can do this. i've started over before. my son and i talked briefly today about all this and i told him that i believed him and not grandpa and that grandpa and i had strong disagreement about the whole situation. i'm sorry to destroy the family solidarity here, but i have to let my son know that i disagree. it stinks that i have to tell my son explicitly not to tell what we discuss to grandpa (i tell him it will just make grandpa mad so don't start.)

thank you. yes, i realize i need to suck this up and get on with things. i felt after i wrote all this that people would just think i was griping for no reason. if i weren't just out of surgery it would not be so difficult i don't think.
dreamraider dreamraider
36-40, F
Aug 4, 2008