It's Getting Ridiculous

It seems that almost every day now I'm logging on to find another of my friends has just vanished.  I can respect that people don't want to stay on EP for whatever reason but at least TELL me you're gonna delete your account, expecially if you're gonna delete all your stories and comments as well.

Because I worry about people and if you just vanish without telling me I'll always wonder if you're OK...


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9 Responses Jul 20, 2009

ROFL londongothgirl. Another tip - try not to just say "thank you" in your comment...!!!

Very good idea psyko, I'll start mentioning their names so I don't look back on a story from 5 months ago and think 'what the hell am I on about?' and hopefully people will realize I'm not just commenting on my own story saying thank you to myself!

Aw, shucks Lilly *blushes*

So I'm not just a pretty face, hey LillyLou?!?!<br />
<br />
I see someone on this thread has vanished now as well...maybe I'm scaring them off?!?

LOL - that's why I've started putting people's names in my story comments, londongothgirl - so I can keep track of who's disappearing!!!

I was wondering why some of my stories have comments from me that seem to be to no one! I was wondering if maybe I had gone a bit mental.

It makes me very sad, touchOFspring. And they leave gaps in your comments that make you look like you're weird and talking to yourself. Not that I don't, talk to myself that is, but it just upsets the continuity. And the comments are SO appreciated too. And then they were gone...

Yeah - I should probably update my story. It's my concern when they just vanish which makes me get stressy and upset...

No but I can't always get any decent time on EP over the weekend and when I got in today someone I wanted to PM and see was OK has literally just vanished. Poof. Gone. And now I'm worried...