I Hate My Life

I was 17 years old I got married to my husband. I wasn't from here my mom moved here and I came to visit 2 weeks later I got married he didn't ask me to she made us.I fell in love with him. after one year he went through my phone and saw a pic of my cuz girlfriend. he started yelling pushing me saying I am worthless,I was a mistake,he hates me and he went on and on so I lied me and this girl had a thing when we was young and my cuz sent me a pic of her. he found out so it has been 2years now he hasn't said nothing to me I cook, clean,I do everything for him and he still hates me. he tells me to leave but starts hitting things when I try. we have no kids but 3dogs I hate it here. I want to leave but I am scared what do I do what do I say how do I leave. I wake up, go to sleep thinking about ending my life he has messed it up I dont know what to do anymore I am scared of what I will do. now he has a phone he wont let me touch when I walk in the room he puts his phone down. I know he is cheating on me I cant prove it. he turns it on silent when he starts to tex. we talked about it and he through his hot food on me I dont know what to do when he wont talk to me I wanna leave how do I go wat do I say help me!!
ck1119 ck1119
22-25, F
May 23, 2012