i ve been married 10 years, i love my husband and his family hates me,it feels like i dont have one mil but three my fil and my sil are both just as worse.i ve 3 beautiful boys ,i try to be a better mom everyday but my family finds a way to pull me down every chance they get.i m getting tired frankly,i treated my sil like my own sister and she stabbed me in the back way too many times,now she targets my kids and thats when my husband put his foot down, she called my7 year old son gay just because he is sweet and nice wont hit kids and is not manly enough for her...now we r not in contact with her but my mother wont stop talking about us to her,she tells her everything and then make up stories with her to make my husband upset with me...my anger has slowly turned to resentment towards my sil ,i never used the word hate for anyone in my life,but after the things she has done to me i do hate her,and quite frankly i dont like that feeling,i dont want to hate anyone,its a v bad feeling,so i m trying to let go and forgive her and forget,alas! easily said than done :( i do accept the fact that this is my life and i ve to work around it but how do u do that when u keep hearing nasty stuff said about u n your kids ?let me tell u thats its not just one or two things,my parents in law lived with us for almost 8 years they just moved out,i m so relieved! all those years she made sure my kids decisions were all her n her daughters,she took over my kitchen,then i started working n then i never heard the end of"i raised ur kids" me n my husband had no privacy ,we couldnt go out alone cux my mil would start crying and complaining about her bp .then all day she would report to my sil my minute to minute activity ..after the inlaws moved out i am nice to my mother in law i try to be good but she wont let that happen.
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Toxic people. You have right to peace in your life. Define some firm boundaries and don't let them overstep them. If they can't respect that just cut them out of your life. It's the only way to stop abuse.