Not Even Married

but I am drained by my bf's family.

I feel so sad, they are so judgemental- they are not very obvious about it, but it is there- I have never experienced a feeling like this.

I am not perfect, I have had probelms in my life- I struggle with health issues, and was out of work for a a few months, and they see that as a weakness. I am insecure, and trying to be stronger, but they seem to lack a basic compassion. My family has totally welcomed my bf, he never had to go thru any f---ing initiation process.

I know this seems like a pity party, maybe it is but I just had to vent. I am absolutely drained and I wish I could STOP CARING.

I don't expect everybody to love me, but this totally sucks. ugh.


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1 Response Jul 28, 2009

Hi, thank you.<br />
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It has gotten progressively worse- their behavior, and my ability to cope. I have stayed, so at this point who can I blame? I made a decsion to not spend holidays with them, and though he has gone along with it, it's come with much drama. So that even though we aren't there, I feel as though we might as well be. Since this past christmas, I have taken a downward spiral, and it may not all be due to this, I think it mainly is. I don't understand why I'm doing this.<br />
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I really thank you for your insight, and your comment came at a good time. I have to decide. Thank you so much.