Will This Ever End!

 My parents(step-mom and dad), as of last night, are going to try to get a divorce.  This is the third time in the past 5 months!! They break up, get back together, break up, get back together, it never stops!! And personally, I'm tired of it! I really don't care what they decide because I don't have any true feelings towards either of them. I've never had that 'I need to discuss this with my family' feeling. Or 'I can ask my family for help' feeling. I've almost always took care of myself or asked my friends for help. Because I know personally that my family is highly unreliable. And because of that I have no respect or loyalty towards almost all of them!
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yea we are the bad guys it's true I went to lousy parent school to get my degree in tormenting my kids I passed with flying colors, and was an honor student , I was such a lousy parent they even took a picture of me with other lousy parents and faculty for the year book, they than gave me my honors certificate, which my ingrate kid used for a scribbling pad years later. What I have learned in lousy parent school has followed me through out life. Rescue me teenagers out there help me to see the error of my ways.

Gosh yeh i hope your family sorts it out, have you tried talking to them or one of them? and telling them to bloody pack it in or something along those lines ;D I know how you feel about always having been independent - i am the same way, my parents are thankfully divorced but just make sure you sort out which parent you want to end up with or that can be hell :)

Hope they get it together for the sake of everyone. Either they stay together or separate. Hope you are not too young so it is not having any negative impact on your school work. Best of luck.

Well that pretty much suck if you feel that way towards them but some people are like that. At least you have friends to help you. They will be there for the times your parents won't be.