You Have Officially Broken Me.

I coped with you as my friend, I coped knowing you didn't feel the same.. I coped but now you're out of my life.. for what you say is for good.
I'm sorry I ****** up.. as your friend. I tried being there for you but it was never good enough. I tried being the greatest friend you could get. I helped you out with all your problems.. I let you lean on my shoulder when you needed someone. I understood you when nobody else did. 
I understood you didn't want to be with me, I didn't ask you too. I accepted what you wanted. I accepted all of that. I promise you I did.. or at least I was learning to. 
Until you told me yesterday I was ******* up your life, told me you hated me.. told me how I am always too much for you. 
You officially broke me.. I honestly haven't smiled since.. Now we don't speak.. now I am alone with you again like I was before. 
I miss you.. :( I can't do it without you, I can't do life without you.. :/
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Awww I do hope you are feeling better by now. It sounds like you were doing the best you could to be a friend to that person, and they didn't appreciate it. If that is the case, you deserve better ..and as hard as it is now, you will be better off without that type of person in your life. The best thing you can do is just maybe take a bit to ask yourself if there was anything you could have done differently.. maybe you were unknowingly demanding of that person's time.. or space? I have had really good friends whom I adored, but to be honest they were suffocating me, always demanding every minute of my time to be with them. Ultimately, it is a friendship killer. If that wasn't the case..then just try to find peace in knowing that you were the best friend you could be to that person..and you will find someone more appreciative of your loyalty. Hope you feel better :)

I understand how you feel... I had similar experiences... However, friends like that aren't worth the trouble and sadness. It's best to just move on. Real friends are rare.

I know I really should forget about him and move on considering it's for the best! It's just hard 'cos I am in love with him. :/ but you're right.. real friends are rare, very.

I lost my husband and my home of 20 years due to infidelity and he wasn't ever even going to tell me. I know the grief that you speak of. I was suicidal for a time but it went away because I thought if I die, he gets my kids and I just had a baby. There are other things in life besides guys and even love and the rejection is something very fierce and hard to get over. But you can. If you live for today and think that you already are living on your own. You're already doing it and a year later, maybe doing even great. You did what you could for him so now, do what you can for you!

I'm sorry to hear that, I really hope everything works out for you. I really do. I'm glad you're staying alive, especially for the sake of your children. Also do it for yourself too. I tend to give advice, yet I can never take my own. I wrote this story back in February 2012 and me and this guy re-united as a couple in 2013. It was magical, it was love.. it was happiness.. I felt like everything was finally working out for me and he broke my heart all over again. I try to stay strong, for the people that DO care. I put on a smile because I don't want people seeing me weak.. but it just hurts. I've been trying to focus on my dream career but the idea of all the hurt that's been caused over takes it all. I just hope one day, one day soon.. My heart will let it go. Thank you for reading my story and replying, I appreciate it. Hope all works out for you.

A broken heart is hard, but you will overcome it, if you want it, if you keep thinking oh I love him boohoo you get nowhere, he left you to rot and he doesn't even care, is that someone you would want to love?

I'm sorry if I'm being too straightforward.

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