Why Are The Outcomes Always Opposite?

well, i guess the group says it all.

Have you ever felt like you were destined for more? for bigger, better... greater things?

I'm not even talking things as rediculous as like being a superhero or anything, though you may feel that something just as important calls to you.

So why does it then!? I can't even fathom why these thoughts or feelings appear, because anytime I make an attempt to slake this thirst to be something more... it's simply put, shot to ****. put down. rubbed out. snuffed.

Be it by the words or hands of others... of the prods and pokes and laughs of society... or even the comprehension of one's own being that it's just **** and NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I'm just getting so sick of pulling myself back up (after what seems like sometimes months or YEARS), only to be pummled back into the ground even harder and further each time.

what in the hell is the point of all of it??
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Jan 12, 2013