Lots of Words Actually....

the political left and right both have a habit of abusing words that don't apply in order to vilify opposing views. Everyone would like to make themselves seem like the only rational person alive while all others are stupid, ignorant, or incapable of rationally establishing an opinion. It's a simple form of brainwashing and a poor form of argument.
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Of course, becase the definition of the word does not fit the context they use it in. <br />
<br />
On a side note, my untraconservative boss, who regularly refers to Obama as a socialist and a snake oil salesman, tell me that he didn't like Obama because he's depressing and his entire platform is pessimistic. I asked him what he thought of Obama's campaigning with words like hope and change, and the use of "yes we can" and he told me I had to look deeper into the campaign, lol!

And if you ask them, I think more than half of them will not be able to actually define the word they were using so generously.

It sounds great in concept, but it takes a pretty strong will to be honest and a polititian. I'm not entirely sure I want to chance it.

And that scares me to death AC.

Well at least I'm half right WMYTIN!

I am? Wow, no wonder everyone disagrees with me.....