I Don't Understand

we finished a year ago..you are with someone who used to be a friend of mine..or so i thought...i haven't got over it yet..maybe i never will...but when we split,you assured me that we would be able to be friends..you are now keeping me at more than ams distance...you won't even communicate with me..that is NOT FRIENDSHIP..each time i try to make things better, you find a reason to blame me d it turns out worse. you left me a voicemail saying ''i love you'' what was that supposed to be...why did you do that...why did you feel the need to give me hope?when you quite obviously don't give a damn, you don't understand how i work...you don't know me..you maybe never did!

i have been lvng a half life for a whole year..feeling so unhappy..so depressed..and itall because of you and my 'ex friend' and what you did and the way you did it...and i have just realised that you don't give a **** about me..crying out for help..and you were not there..i have now finally realised that there is no depth to you..otherwise you would feel some compassion for me and for the way i have tried to keep your friendship..4 years is a long time to have known someone and loved them without condition..it is ruining my life now...it is time to stop!

don't tell me that you love me in a voicemail..because you don't..

**** you! 

healmysoul healmysoul
Mar 14, 2010