I'm Tired Of People Too.

I'm tired of people too.. I know this sounds bad, but I would be much more heartbroken over the loss of a pet vs the loss of a person, since pets are pure of heart, and unconditionally loving. unlike people.
spiritualguy2011 spiritualguy2011
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 27, 2012

I am tired of people too. Especially at work. All I want to do is my job, but constantly people are coming to socialize and gossip and scrutinize me. One woman at my work, I basically helped her get her job. I was very kind to her because she is in her sixties and raising her granddaughter alone. I used to bring lunch to work for both of us and other food because she didn't have time to make healthy lunches. I gave her granddaughter Christmas and birthday gifts, as well as the woman, too. But it turns out she has an extremely insecure personality and is very scheming. I think she was jealous of me being younger and without children, as she feels trapped sometimes having to raise her grandchild. She would often refer to me as "little ****" or "you booger." It was like she had no tact at all. Then the woman in the office next to her, the two of them were always inviting me to lunch. If I chose not to join them, they would talk about me and made me feel uncomfortable. I finally quit my job because of them.

I agree with feeling sad about animals dying over people. I have always tried to consider people's feelings and helped whenever I could. But now I am changing. I am beginning to feel like I don't want to help anymore or put myself out.