People Are Never Going to Change

I have decided that people are just about wasted skin. The system is set up to take advantage of those who want to just get along and work together cooperatively. I went to work yesterday and everything was going well. There was just enough to do to stay busy and make the day go by faster. Just before lunch I was called back to the training room a.k.a. known as personnel. My manager Dinah wanted to make sure that I knew I was working graveyard shift for today. What? Your department manager wanted to make sure you knew you were working a graveyard shift tomorrow night. Well this was news to me. Of course, Dinah made sure to let me know how sorry she was that this was a surprise to me. My department manager was supposed to discuss this with me several weeks ago when she was scheduling it. Let me just say that this is completely against my availability. I have it listed in the computer that I can't work past 11:00 pm at night. They bypassed this information when they did my schedule. The had to override the computer information to do this. They are not supposed to be able to do that but they did. They even made it look like a normal scheduled time shift. I just didn't notice that the 8 had a p (for pm). Why should I when my availability says I can't work after 11. I protested but the reply was that I had three weeks to notice and ask it to be changed. This is competely irrelevant. They overroad the computer and scheduled me outside of my available hours. They presented it like a normal schedule (regular graveyard shift is 10p to 7a) so I wouldn't notice it. This is nothing but lies and deception. I am so tired of all this crap that people pull. I have decided to hold my trust and loyalty to those who have proved themselves to me.
Eleniar Eleniar
41-45, M
3 Responses Sep 16, 2007

My biggest gripe with people is the lack of faith and trust.

~~ I have decided that people are just about wasted skin. ~~<br />
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Maybe people feel that way about you too?

Sorry to hear about all that cr*p they put you through. :( I used to be a lot more trusting and open toward people too until experience after experience taught me to not bother unless they've passed the burden of proof that it's worth it.