I am not fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally get this! I am a pretty happuy go lucky guy and anyone I know would agree.s I am usually always cheerful and i smile and act d=crazy a lot of the time. and even during school.s he other day, I was accused of being fake and compensating for insecurity by being expressive in my clothing. I ususally do not let things get to me, but that really hurt. I felt like i was slapped accross the face. why would this person thin ksomething like that? I told him to ask people i live with, I do not change with the group of people I am around, I am the same all of the time. I guess that irked me a bit...i don't know. but I am not fake. :(
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Dont let it get to you, they're not even worth it. They are most likely jelous.

Don't let other people dictate who you are. Clothes are just clothes like you said everyone you know knows who you are, the ones who want to call you fake may just be insecure themselves!<br />
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Thanks for sharing, I like the hat :)

thanks, sweetNsourluv!!! that means so much that you said that! haha, Mzdivine, yo are soo right...but i think it would get a tad boring a hair too fast but it WOULD solve he problem. :) love yall :P

That's where School Uniforms are great!....Everyone is equal!

Theres always gona be an *** around trying to rain on your parade hun...just tell them to kick rocks! lol Don't let em knock your happiness :)