Not Here To Be Judged By You

i joined this experience because i'd like it known right now that i am not here to enjoy open debate with people about my experiences. i realise some trolls like to get into it over an issue with someone for sport or for fun and again, some folks just have a real problem when someone believes the opposite to them. my stories aren't always about good and heartwarming things but they are very real, quite often painful and difficult to write and quite unique to my life. the way i have been affected by some of my experiences would appear downright distasteful to someone with opposite views to mine. but this does NOT give you the right to place judgment on me, troll my experience and make it a sad one for people to visit by posting your abusive/argumentative/negative/mean/whatever/lame comments on my story.

if you do troll my stories and try to argue why i shouldn't feel the way i do about an issue i will flag your comments and report you to EP, and block you, just to be sure you don't continue the drama in private messages. trolling me because you have your own issues or pain will not win you my respect, friendship or sympathy either, especially if you are trying to do so by attacking me and my story. again, i will block, flag and report. i am not the kind of person who seeks to hurt others. i don't go around looking for stories and blogs to pass judgment on or get my heckles up over. what's the point? i've got enough of my own issues and i share enough of those here as well.

my energy is far better spent on writing about my life and how everything affects me personally. i'm not sharing here to bother anyone else or bug their world - if they're here to get angry with people and judge them then how sad for them, perhaps they shouldn't be here. i'm not into perverts and i have a story about that, but i also accept they have a right to be who they are even if i disagree with their interests. i do not troll their stories and harrass them for their behaviour because i am not here to hurt anyone else, though i will tell pervs to bug off if they persist in adding me and thought it wise to share a story stating why. i am not here to judge anyone nor do i appreciate being judged here. i accept that we are all different here and i'm going to disagree with some people, sure, but i won't treat anyone unkindly if they are unable to see something my way. it disappoints me to see how people can be so mean and ignorant when someone disagrees with them.

i only have one piece of advice for trolls, though they NEVER follow it - if you don't like something you are reading, close the page or visit another story here... with over 5 million stories and experiences, why are you wasting all your precious time on this one?
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

forsakentruth, thank you for such a well-thought out response and for being respectful in your reply. i have no problem with discussing things with others who are opposed to my position or have advice for me, but i do with people who are mean, rude and condescending. troll comments do get deleted for this reason.

seeing there are no comments (probably out of fear of being flagged lol) I want to post one and hope you read it with the same respect you demand to be given treatment. sometimes the best things we could ever have read or been told, are the least things we want to hear. and sadly in each of our own's personal quest to be understood,& accepted for who we are we sometimes forget thats what we all are doing and take offense at what someone offers as their take on things differently or with excited emotions that seem to be judgmental. often the answers to the greatest troubles in our life are found within the places we are really refusing to look when we do not look at the others view, and that is within ourselves... peace be with you