I Have Cerebrel Palsy And People Can Be Jerks

life living in a wheelchair can suck but what makes it even worse is that some people are jerks big time and sometimes i notice it but sometimes i hear it from my "friends"so yes i hate it when people are rude and mean so think twice when you see someone in a wheelchair.
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I don't see a Disabillity I see people for who they are.

Life does suck in many ways. Being a young kid in your circumstance is more than difficult. As you mature, I am sure things will get better. Good luck to you.

The jerks are the ones with the real challenge, Chris.<br />
Keep on shining.

yes many people are jerks, and careless about how others feel, but let something happen to that person that will put them in a wheelchair and then i bet the way they see you would change. yet it shouldn't take for that to happen for people to be courtious

That's what I would say to someone who is rude to a person in a wheelchair: "I know who Stephen Hawking is, but who are you?"
I bet they wish they could be the human being you are.

It's kind of a superpower for you since, being in a wheelchair you are able to see people as they actually are, thereby weeding out those not in your favor. Yes, people are cruel. I hope you do find that not everybody is this way, or at least not all the time.

Well truth is there are jerks everywhere and if they can't bug you about using a wheelchair then they will bug you about your hair cut or your brand of running shoes. People tend to do this because they do not feel good about themselves and putting others down gives them a false sense of being better than they are. Your CP does not really matter, its just a target. Other people have other targets. I have a good friend with CP, we joke a lot. His is very physically disabled and I help him with eating and the washroom etc if we meet for dinner or something. He is however not at all mentally disabled, very smart and has a great sense of humor. He loves to do jokes on people, sort of like the "off your rocker" show on tv. He will have me write a note and then he will go and hand it to someone. Handing something takes a lot of effort for him to do this and he struggles. His speach is very difficult to understand as well. The note will ask for directions to somewhere that does not exist, or ask for some product the store does not carry. The look on the persons face sometimes is priceless. Punked by John :) Relax have fun...

i like that thank you for your kindness(:

Very welcome :)

Let the jerks think what they want. They are the ones with a problem not you. I see a person in a chair I see no chair I just see a person like anyone else. To hell with the jerks.

i agree

Were you always in a wheelchair? I'm sorry that people are rude to you. I can't imagine offending anyone in a wheelchair but I guess there is always the fraction of the population who choose to be jerks on a daily basis.

yes always i have cerebral palsy but I'm not paralyzed and as long as I'm in my chair i can take care of myself but i have to be lifted in the bed and in the bathroom ETC.