Why Be So Heartless

i came by this site by accident and after reading a few profiles i decided to be honest about myself for the first time in my life about my like of wearing womans clothes,and seeing so many others like myself felt very happy about finally being able to say who i am/what i am. some people on this site can be very cruel and hurtful, i'm sorry i am me and i can't help it,we are all not perfect. i would never intentionaly hurt someones feelings or put them down for who they are. i'm more hurt and confused than ever!! hugs to all. michelle
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Sweetie, please understand these kind of people are small with no life of their own. Many times they are repressing their own true self and have no other way to get out their frustrations. Remember to be true to yourself - always - and when you find people that like you. They will be true friends to you. I had a friend that dressed in womens cloths all the time at home. He and I were soul friends and I was devasted when he passed from this world. People don't know what they are missing by judging the book by the cover instead of the content of the pages. <br />
Be well and at peace with who you are!:)

michelle, please don't feel the need to apologise for just being who you are. The people who've been cruel to you just aren't even worth the time of day. It's most definitely their loss, not yours x

We have a girls heart that is so similar in many ways, I, have tried to live my life doing things for everyone else, I am only recently starting to accept my woman within, it is hard to come to terms, with where these feelings originated, this has been a lifetime search, I have only discovered lately, that I was more my mom's special daughter at home, probably beginning with my Polio years when I was two, and continued until I started school, I always new I had been treated different from my brother, wore different clothes, had more girl-time with my mom than he had, but, all the earliest dress-up photos disappeared when I was sent to Southeast Asia, and none of my relatives would even answer my questions about these times. It was a closely guarded secret, that everyone had kept all my life, I had bits and pieces, that I have always lived with, referencing these mysterious times, but, without and photo proof, I thought, I had only imagined these events, I know someone has some hidden stories or photos, but, with my parents now deceased, and few relatives left, it will have to come from others that I grew up with, and the girls I always played with, thank you for sharing your life, maybe you have those childhood photos, that have always been hidden from me, loving and caring,<br />

You only get one life and you should do what makes you happy. If wearing women's clothing makes you feel good, do it. It isn't hurting anyone.from what I see you are far from the only one that enjoys it. Women's clothes are a lot more fun then men's stuff, and it can be fun to be a girl. Make yourself happy!

you are so kind and understanding! yes it is so so much fun to be a girl. hugs

I understand. Welcome!<br />
<br />
I think you will find many souls seeking the same things here. Many will accept, but then many will reject you too. Ignore them and if they are too bad - block them.<br />
<br />
EP is the kind of place you can write about yourself (if it is X-rated and not for under 18 - mark them appropriately) and read about others. Even chat with others through email.<br />
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I think you might like it here. Welcome again.

Be yourself! Ignore the bigots. They matter not! Hugs n peace to you :-)

thank you! you are very kind. big hugs!

Be yourself! Ignore the bigots. They matter not! Hugs n peace to you :-)

Be yourself! Ignore the bigots. They matter not! Hugs n peace to you :-)

I have placed a block on those who have insulted or harassed me. In over 3 years there's been a total of just 3. EP is a grand site & many folks share their innermost thoughts, dreams & fantasies...that in itself is great therapy.

I have been around the net and EP has the least amount of trolls around, i took a chance on here as well, ok so you get a few bad apples in all walks of life do not let it take you down be strong i know you are :)