What Would You Do If You Were God

Make it impossible for war and destruction to happen,stop hate,cruelty,greed,make sure nobody got fatal diseases or starved to death.no crime,we all helped each other and shared what we have,and lots of love to go round.
trotsky52 trotsky52
46-50, M
2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

That would be the perfect world to live in

I think so,we need to start a movement ,if only had plenty of money and time.

Yes sir, you're reading my mind, I hope I'll have a prosperous futur with a great job where I'm paid well to achieve even a small part of that. Money controls the world nowadays, unfortunately

take all denim off the face of the earth....no more denim/jeans etc
do away with any insect that does not do anything good for the earth...I mean, what the hell are cockroaches good for anyway?