It feels like forever now since I have had a guy that I can actually talk with. Maybe it's just where I live or something but, for the most part all they want is sex. It's not that I don't like sex. Hell, who doesn't like sex? However, every time I meet a guy, within 24 hours they bring up sex. I've been told to assume that all guys think about sex all the time and so, I do. But, do you really have to bring up sex within 24 hours of us actually meeting? Show some self control! What happened to getting to know a person? I'm just so tired of meeting guys, thinking they're cute, funny,etc. Then, it's all ,"Do you like... What about... I like... Would you...". For real? Slowly but surely I'm starting to lose hope. Hope that there are others like me who understand self respect. Guys, just because you give girls complements does not mean she is going to jump into bed with you. If she does, then she is just that, a girl. Not a woman!
lyinginwait lyinginwait
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Youve just been meeting all the douchbags.

Hopefully, because I kind of feel like the world is DOOMED. :)