I Think Our Poor Economy Will And Is Making People More Edgy And Ornery.

I see  an increase in bad mouthing people especially on internet such as facebook.  However, a lot of people are unemployed and underemployed.

Does anybody else think the economy is affecting people socially as well as financially?  Do you see a lot of people unemployed around where you live? I sometimes think this is a depression but they the powers that be do not want to say so. they like the term great recession.  Hope to hear from you.

springinmeadow springinmeadow
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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Other the years since I've been using the computer, people online seem to be increasing rude. I think it knowing that is a very slim next to nothing chance I'll ever meet this or that person in real life so this people have no incentive to not to be jerks (or at least be less jerky). I wouldn't be surprised at all if there is a strong correlation of being unemployed/underemployed and being more ruder than before online. Everyone I'm noticing is so much stresser these days and most of these people have decent to very good work.