For the Double Dingbat!!

LOOK!!!!  I baked something just for you!  Yes, you know who you are and I would have thought you knew better than to go after my friend.

Tsk, tsk, my dear, shame on you........  I can't believe you had the gall to go after him like that.  To be so rude, so thoughtless and yes, it was cruel.

He will never answer you or say a word about the messages you left.  He is a first-class gentleman but I am not!  I do not appreciate your verbal attack on him.  He was worried and under quite a strain and to berate him for not writing each and every friend a "personal" message is completely out of line on your part.  He posted a prayer request in hopes that my friends would see it.  To have  messaged each individual would have taken him all day.  You are the only one who became angry and claimed he "abused" our friendship.  He went above and beyond duty (no pun intended) and stayed by my side night and day, updating several of my EP family as often as he could.  Your accusations are childish and baseless.

In four simple words.... 'SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE' .  Why don't you try to get to know some of the good people of EP and stop your jealousy.  It is quite ridiculous and most unbecoming at your age!  Yes, I am a bit angry, but you brought it on yourself.  If you wish to be upset at someone so you can get your daily upset with me! 

I'm not a happy camper ;(   and your new name?  Yes, that's right .... Double Dingbat!  Only a dingbat would yell at the trooper!!!!

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10 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Yes, I think I shall have to tap your fertile mind for my story titles when I am angry! She called me a naughty name but she stopped bothering the nice trooper :) Mission accomplished!!

STILL LMAO over the new name!! Thanks, it fits her!!!!

meh. I would have been swearing well before now. That is just very a self absorbed attitude. Nothing like giving the family more stress when they are worried sick for a loved one.

. Aaw, hell, she got mad and yelled cause my boys didn't call her. **** they don't even know her! OOps there goes my curse free week :)

go to her House?????? What????? Holy overblown sense of self importance! <br />
<br />
Do you know her know her???? cuz Honestly I wouldn't care if she lived next door Nick was going through enough, worry for you, keeping an eye on the hops. staff. keeping the FAMILY informed. I'm sure he spent time on EP keeping everyone updated that he probably should have spent sleeping.<br />
but.... OMG he was where he should have been THE HOSPITAL WITH YOU,

Yes, that is what astounded me. He was so good about trying to keep up telling you and AE and fungirl, Dex, Reece.....I don't know how he did all that and sit for hours watching me drool and whine. That woman wrote him pm's saying he was mean, uncaring, a **** poor friend....hell, he's never even met her, she lives near me and got mad cause nobody personally came to her house and filled her answer: BITE ME!! hahaha (Oh, I am dying to break out in a string of curse words!!)

WOAH Hold on!!!! I didn't read that last Part. Someone actually yelled at the trooper for not Im'ing or responding to a message... <br />
That is messed up. He didn't have to keep everyone updated the way he did. and to EXPECT a personal message In a time like THAT...... that WRONG!!!!

Damn Girl remind me not to **** you off..... o.0<br />
<br />
Good for you tho. No swearing... WOW you ARE MAD!! <br />
Love the pic!

Well, I got aggravated! I still don't believe how mean some people can be. Oh, and did you notice I didn't swear once ? I'm on a roll!! (anything I might have said at the hospital doesn't count, they drugged me ;)