A Degree Worth Nothing

I just graduated from drexel university with a BS in fashion design and I feel like my degree is useless.  I have been job searching for over a month, I have put out over 100 resumees, I am well qualified for every job I apply to but somehow I am still jobless.  I have moved back home and am living in my parent's basement and I hate it here.  It is so boring and all of my friends are now 4 hours away.  I can't wait to move back out but after 4 years, $80k in tutions and a steady $2k a month for supplies and $1000 for rent/untilities I am totally broke.  I don't know where else to go.  I am already signed up for every job search engine on the internet, I have applied to every company I can think of, even some not in fashion, I have used all of my resources.  Nobody told me it was going to be this hard!
lifeiswaiting lifeiswaiting
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5 Responses Jul 16, 2007

mee too

It's sad when you follow the right path and finish school only to find out that the degree you worked so hard for can't even land you a job in today'market. Then you fall on hard times trying to pay back the money you used to obtain that education. Something has got to give...<br />
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Hey lifeiswaiting and Nicabig,<br />
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I would just want to share onething with both of you guys. I am also in a similar situation.. looking frantically out for a job.. But u know wat.. Life is just not about you getting a job.. You have lots and lots more to explore and enjoy.. This is just a very very temporary and short-lived issue and it cannot grab you outta ur life.<br />
<br />
I would like to recollect what Robin Sharma says - Dont be a product of the past. Worries are like weeds that could cause a havoc to your field (mind). If you have a clear mind and just think of what you are going to do now, success is always yours!<br />
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I wish you both good luck for an amazing job very soon.. and u too wish me for a good job :)<br />
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Cheers,<br />

I totally understand. I graduated in December 09 with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood. I have applied for 30+ positions but no job. I have had 3 interviews and felt that I had two of them, but when I called the next day I was told that the district manager decided that they did not need to hire anyone right now. Very frustrating. I finally accepted a job at a children clothing store, but am only working 5 hours a week. The job sucks and I am hoping that it will soon pick up and I will get more hours.