Race Card Overused

I'm black, dutch, a part samoan just your everyday mix Sometimes I think when someone uses the race card it is  justified because lets face it there still are some rascists in the world of every shade of color...  But I do think it is an overly played card that the more you fling out hurts the actual cases where maybe race was a defining factor....
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I will say I just never could understand why people would or could judge a person by the color of their skin no one has control of what color your skin color is unless you tan that is. its just so stupid.

I agree with you. Yes there is racist people in the world and they need to be made aware of their ignorance. Then there is those who use the race card as a crutch. I am so sick of it I could puke. Bottom line we all bleed red. WE all come from the same God.. I have friends that are from different ethnic groups the only differences we have are our cultural differences People need to. learn how to see people for who they really are instead of judging them by their skin color . When I learned how to do this many years ago I started seeing people's hearts instead of their skin color and it made me a better person.