Whenever I heard of someone who 'tried' dating outside their race and didn't have it work out, my question is always the same. Was it his or her race you were looking at during the dating period or were you actually more focused on the character?? Can't answer that? Has the cat got your tongue??? I'm not surprised, yes I admit freely that I have dated few black women in my time but I am not diametrically opposed to such a thing. I've just never found one yet that I have meshed with. I look beyond race: black, white, Asian, Hispanic, like the saying goes - I don't care where you are from as long as you are good peoples. Try explaining that to people at large these days and you may as well try to teach ethics to a Nazi/KKK rally. I feel NO sympathy whatsoever for the people who get caught up on the race card. That being said, of course you have the right to be attracted to a race such as Indian or Mexican but my point is that if you shut out any other race totally, then you have only yourself to blame at the end of the night when you go home lonely complaining about how you can't get a good man. None of the women I've tried to be involved with have been asthetic beauty queens. Some were downright ugly by society standards but I never cared. I saw beyond all that then and I still do now. So let's burn the race card and move forward eh?
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Its interesting how as I read your story, I see the boarder ads with links to interracial dating sites. Lol.<br />
This is not a coincidence.

I wish everyone could think in that same ideology of yours .. ^_^