I live in IL near STL.I live 15 minutes from East STL IL.Which is a bad area.I do not drive due to health issues.So i take public transportation.Half the time when i take public transportation.I get hit on by strange men.Very few are white.If i do not like being bugged and thouched by some strange guy.If it is a black man.They always bring up the race card.I do not like them based on race.But more based on them trying to put their grubby hands all over me.Also if i have someone ask me for money and they happen to be black they use the Race card.I also have over heard conversations on the bus.When blacks are talking amongst themselves.Some times when they see a few of us white folks they loudly bring up the KK.I say get over the race thing and grow the hell up.If they do wrong.Just like if anyone do's wrong.They have to deal with the consequences.But some of their ideas about freedoom are messed up.Some act like freedoom is your right to do whatever u want and get away with it.But that is not what freedoom is about. 

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I am white and you are right You don't have to be bothered by strangers if you do not want to be bothered by strangers. Black.... Or white... Don't put your hands on me.....................t

I do not like people based on how they act.

I don't think this person hates people based on race... I think a comma was meant instead of a period? I dunno, I feel the same way sometimes but I fear if I write a story about I'll get hated on so yeah. :/ Not sure what you really meant since your punctuation is a little screwy... but how I think you meant it, I agree.

I live in New England. What is a race card? Im lost.