Why Do Some Keep the Ace Card Going

I am sick of some people keep using the race card as thier card.

 its not the 1960s or back when we had slaves. i do my best to respect races no matter what color you are. i think we were wrong to have slaves although i never owned any one i dont belive any one owns us but god. so people of color stop with the race card its old. we as white

 people get reverced discrimanationed against beclase now days where you are qullified for a job you get the first shot at the job beclase of your skin color(blacks) and thats unfair. i feel as long as you can do the job

 you shold have the job, where you are black white woman or man.

 i know it wanst fair to the blacks what all happend , but it feels like we

 will always pay for that what was done to blacks for always. people werent fair to blacks owning them as slaves . and the same kind of things were done to the jews bad things they were killed for thier religin and that was wrong by hitler. we have done some bad things to people and it saddens me what have done and even the indian people

 they belived in a diffrent gods and look what we did to them took thier land. its sad iam sorry for all we as people did to all those people out of the name of religin . but now i pray the healing of all people can start with the new presendent . good luck new presendedt . we as people must start to heal these wonds we must band together to stop all raceisems. and just be kind to eachtoher no matter of skin color.

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Nov 7, 2008