I am so sick and tired to hear about this kid Michael Brown that got shot in Missouri town. Sick because these people play the race card when it's at most convenient and whenever they try to be a victims of a "white man" but then turn around and go loot and rob businesses. That dead kid robbed a tiny Indian store clerk of a pack of cigars 5 minutes earlier. He probably did what the cop said he did.
Why can't these people quit jumping around like a pack of guerrillas, protest peacefully and stop acting like a d a mn victims ALL THE D @ MN TIME! Maybe back in '80 it was the case but 67% black population is hardly a minority last time I checked!
MichaelA2014 MichaelA2014
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The media just focused on the race thing it's more or less about police brutality not race.

"These people"??? Clearly you are part of the problem, not part of any solution.