You Didn't Get The Job Because...

...NOT because you're black or white or Mexican or Chinese or whatever race.  It's because you went into the interview with THAT attitude.  Negatively thinkin' when you saw that (typically in my experience) white guy/lady with your resume and application, "Oh, she looks racist anyway.  He's/She's one of those hateful *******/hateful bastards."  You've already knocked yourself outta the runnin'.  I hate hearing that Joker card, "It's 'cause I'm black."  No, it's 'cause you were an IDIOT when you went in there with an attitude like someone owes you something, or it could TRULY be that they didn't think you were qualified enough.  Revise your resume and try again.  I hate that ****, although there are times and places where it IS because of your race that you don't get a job or whatever. Not sayin' it doesn't happen because it does, I know.

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to filthydieseltech, shallow people all over the world look down on others who belong to a race different than theirs, it's a fact. and don't want them around, even in the same neighborhood or the same building let alone the same office. Another determining factor is that a lot of companies usually like to have 'good-looking' people on the front or in higher positions, in their heads it makes their company look good, The bottom line is that people do suffer because of the race they belong to.

Yup. Always someone else's fault, never theirs. I don't how you can not see that though. Self-centered?

Yeah I know. I don't know why. It's the people who don't take responsibility for themselves.