I only started to question the whole point of watching tv pretty recently, i mean we spend a third of our lives sleeping and who knows how many years watching tv, we use it for entertainment but the funny thing is if we took all that wasted time and invested it into something meanwhile/productive we would probably lead happier and more fulfilled lives.
I've seen people spend so much time in what appears to be some sought of unconscious trance and there never seems to be any benefit but they continue day after day with the same routine.
I have my guilty pleasures, i'll admit, i watch 'Community' from time to time but i try to keep my media related entertainment to a minimum nowadays.
Anyone else feel the same way?
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sometimes it feels like a mind-control device to me....i am aware that i sound paranoid, but geez...watch Good Morning America enough and suffer through that overwrought laughter enough, and you will see what i mean! and when murder becomes entertainment, and the media highlights things like Casey Anthony and Trayvon Martin above every other murder in the world....something is fishy.

You do not sound paranoid! In fact i commend you for noticing.
I'm glad i don't have to rely on American channels for my news though, the BBC here in England seem pretty trustworthy but i guess in every country they have the power to filter what they're showing so why wouldn't they?

thank you, strangely, given the day i have had, being told i am not paranoid was a high compliment! my ex used to watch BBC almost exclusively (we are in America)....i appreciated that fact about him. while very dry and boring (no offense to you, of course, esp since most likely did not pen the news), it does seem a right bit more unbiased!

i always thought news was supposed to be dry and boring lol

well that is what i mean...it is not fun to watch, but that is kinda the point, i suppose. neither is it fun to watch GMA. the way i would love to get news is from someone like Ellen DeGeneres, who IS funny and WILL make one laugh, but not in a false way.

Ellen DeGeneres should really start her own news channel, her as lead anchor & Will Ferrell covering the weather and i tell you THAT is something i would watch!

lmao i suppose you aware then that will ferrell used to be a weatherman before who he is now?

I actually didn't know that!
American news really does sound entertaining

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Not really.
Without the internet my ability to connect with people is severly limited.
All in good balance.