That's A First For Me

This is the only year of my life I 've felt this way.  I love summer, dread winter snow.  The heat wave continues and the nights are just as humid & hot. Most everyone stays in . I started my Autumn lesson plans..that did it. Autumn coolness, crisp cold nights, fluffy blankets...scented candles and spices!   Cinnamon ..It's too hot to turn on the oven now. I'm ready for Autumn. 
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C8lorraine..What's the temp today ? I never imagine your area as cold..Too much TV for me .

I'm comiing over pretty white feathers need a cold bath..I won't poo in the bird bath either. I think Sparrows do that. Owls are way smarter.

I agree !<br />
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We are in the middle of winter 'downunder' and I want to hang onto it for a bit longer ! I usually don't like the winter but this year I haven't managed to get sick, so I am enjoying the cooler weather and winter activities.<br />
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Fortunately where I live, we won't be wearing cotton until Christmas.

Hi artsy..I'd lite my cinnamon candle now but it's too fricking hot .poor woodland critters must be croaking in their furry sort of way. I will set out a bird bath for my feathered friends.

I think a breeze would cheer me up. The days are still and joyless for me.Swelter, find cool drinks and stay inside so I don't fall on my face. LOl. Next I'll be crabbing about 3 feet of ice & snow.UGH

None of us can complain about how hot it is. We made a promise that if we made it past February that we wouldn't complain, no matter how hot it got. We're now wondering what posessed us to make that promise, but a promise is a promise. This year, that promise has been difficult to keep, but so far, we've kept our word. But summer is far from over.

i'm ready for fall too. i hate summer, have for a long time. i don't find anything enjoyable about it.