Must Be Nice.....

if all you have to deal with in life is sex 24/7. i have a job, a sister to care for, bills, errands, you name it, to think of besides sex from sunup to sundown. and i'm really tired of being fanned by people that want to swallow their own *** or eat their *** after masturabting. if this is what you want to discuss, i can tell you now that i'm not the gal for you but i know there are plenty on ep that share your jacked up pleasures. do us both a favor: seek them out and leave me alone! if ep should wonder why i refuse to be a paying member anymore, this is a good example.
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good idea, bluegeorgia. watch out, em! stalker at 12 o'clock lol

mama's ba<x>sement lol! <br />
now that some of it is a smaller part of ep, i'm rethinking about being a apying member again, chipmunk, because there is much on this site that i do support.<br />
<br />
i hear you, chronibitch. i get tired of those that come at me with that stuff too especially since i'm not on ep to showcase that side of myself.

To bad we can't completely block groups and comments on the groups.<br />
I do delete the people I see joining these groups when I notice their activity.<br />
<br />
Emerald I'm stalking you.

I hate that. I'm obviously no angel, and yeah, I have sex stuff on my profile, *but* I have plenty of other things, the majority of them being G or PG, rather than X rated. I'm so tired of getting propositions from little boys wanting cyber sex, people wanting me to watch them **** off on a web cam, or guys who like to share their wife while they pee their pants or something.

Oh yeah! There are those, the ones who think I like guy ****, and then just the ones who want me to have cyber sex with them... WTF????? Why in hell would I want to have cyber sex with some guy living in his momma's ba<x>sement?????<br />
<br />

and i appreciate all of you getting me, sara. i imagine with you being a lesbian you get bombarded by guys that want to join in with you and your wife lol. why would guys think that because a woman is a lesbian that she would welcome 3 ways with guys or anyone?

We all get you , jerrica... I am so fed up with guys sending me links to gyno sites because since I'm in a lesbian marriage I must want to look at their disgusting ****. Ugh!

i guess being anonymous would make it easier to let your freak flag fly lol. i'm glad someone gets me, em :)

LOL @ kitten! i once read a comment where a guy, i think, said that he was having sex as he was EPing. wtf? was he alone after all? lol. i find a steady diet of it tiresome also maybe because it's simply not the center of my universe, never was.

ROFL @ your examples! I haven't had any of those in a while... thank goodness! But I totally get what yer saying! :)

thank you, sara. (((hugs))) to you too :)

{{{HUGS}}}<br />
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Believe me, sister, I know what you are talking about!!!!!

i will say that ep has done a great job recently of cleaning the place up but i'm still on the fence as to whether or not become a supporter again.

i don't blame you for refusing to support the garbage on here. they're not getting any of my money either.

i guess i get bold when aggravated lol

lol. what i wonder is who has the time to have sex, think sex and talk sex all of the time? seems like some people have nothing else on their agenda. and people talking about the things i mentioned in the story, i'm not trying to hear that.