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I Hate Ghetto

i hate living in the ghetto, being around people who are ghetto, i just hate everything about it. its ignorant, stupid, and rediculous. its a life style that will have u amount to nothing. its basicly like "fear me" but its stupid. a lot of ppl who i have known that whereghetto dropped out of school, sells drugs, and ends up getting shot or in jail or living off a woman. woman who r ghetto have babies and live off the state. omg its so dumb. unfortunatly its all around me so i have to deal with it but im deff. not ghetto. ghetto is uneducated. i am very educated. and i hate it when educated good people have kids n there kids have good lives but theylook up to these rappers and thinks its a good lifestyle, so u see these preppy white kids wearing big chains and talking stupid and acting ignorant and think there the next eminem but they look retarded and FAKE! they wouldnt last 1 night in the hood. i hate it when people with good lifes, nice homes, nice naborhoods what to live here inthe ghetto, sh*t CAN I SWITCH PLACES WITH U???  

siciliana88 siciliana88 18-21, F 5 Responses Oct 19, 2009

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I know what you mean. Had to fight my hole life because im white and live in the hood. Im ready to get out this place.

Yeah get out i grew up in the hood as well, nothing glamourous about that, no police response, abulance sirens... Yeah i dont understand peoples facination with it either. I moved out a couple years ago, and u know whats funny about living in the burbs and ull find this out, is that people from the burbs complain about thier streets being dangerous and rough LOL ... Its like dude u can keep your doors unlocked and still have a car in the morning LOL

I grew up in the "ghetto". Now I am 23 years old and living a fairly normal life. I don't live in a bad neighborhood and I don't collect welfare. Instead, I decided to go to nursing school and now I am almost finished. <br />
<br />
I had the same apathetic feelings about where I grew up too. When I look back at my childhood, I realize that it was something that I could not control. The only good memory about my childhood was that I made it through in one piece. Along with the ghetto lifestyle comes abuse, neglect, and of other unnecessary things. This may not be for all people who have to live in bad areas, but it is for a majority. The reason for this is that there is a lot of stress and living without, so it makes puts people in bad moods and to make bad decisions. <br />
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The point of my story is that you don't have to follow in the footsteps of your family. You can get out. When you graduate from highschool. you can move away to college or you can get a job and get your own place to live. You might have to live cheaply in a nicer neighborhood because it might be a little more expensive, but the security is what you pay for and your state of mind. <br />
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I can definitely relate to you about having annoying family members. Just because I chose to take myself up out of the hood, doesn't mean that my relatives chose that route. At times I run into issues with them because of the choices they are making. It upsets me that they want, want, want,want, want, but aren't trying to help themselves achieve anything. Nothing is going to get handed to you on a silveplatter, so if you want a better life, then stop living an ignorant life.

lmao my street isnt that ghetto, bt hartford is. i just want to moved out of here and buy myself a house in a suburb

okay... ill switch with u... but we live in the same ghetto... well kinda my street is way more ghetto.....