I Didn't Want To Bother Anyone!

I have parents in their 80's and in-laws approaching 80. Why do your parents think they are being a bother when they are living on a fixed income and they need medication? I've experienced this many times. Sure times are tough, but when we were growing up as kids we didn't know how tough times were back in the 60's. Families and neighbors pulled together to help one another. With the rise of diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol not to forget asthma and other advertised illnesses on the rise, companies are really making money. How are you making it if you've lost your job or maybe you're under insured, a new word now. I'm witnessing the reluctancy within my own family from the elders to ask for assistance. The last things that they all say is, " I just didn't want to bother anyone" with my problems. "Times are tough and you have your family to take care of." Is anyone feeling the pressure of having to purchase multiple prescriptions or having to decide whether or not to purchase meds versus paying a bill? What's important today?

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2 Responses Apr 24, 2010

That's one of the most scary thoughts but real today. Under insured or no insurance! I'm moving forward to help people who have problems paying for prescriptions. Every little bit you can save helps! There are facilities that are available to help. You're not alone! There are over 35 million and growing unemployed, under insured or now not insured. health reform is going to take time but it's on it's way. If paying for you medication is an issue there is help!

I haven't been to a doctor in about 7 years because of being under insured or not insured at all... now I am jobless and really need to get some things taken care of. It's horrible to be in these situations. I'm scared as hell of what it's going to be like when I'm older, I know that healthcare reform passed but really, how long until it can be used and how are they going to decide who pays what... It's so hard to understand because no one is giving straight answers about any of it.