The Point Of This Website Is Meant To Be Being Understanding

not exactly "tired" of them because i took a long break from ep and just rejoined it, but i see it again now. what's great about ep is everyone has the chance to express themselves honestly. i know a lot of people create a fake online persona to make online friends, but like most others i guess i'd prefer add/be added by someone who tolerates who i really am, maybe even understands some of what i'm going through, not someone who'd laugh in my face if they heard what i was feeling and call me names. i would definitely not like to be friends with someone who insults people just for being weak. thinking someone might be dangerous just because they are lonely is almost always wrong and stupid. the person who thinks that, saying something like they think you're creepy, if it's without evidence that you're dangerous - evidence like you having said you like to hurt your pet or you think of hurting people - or without any provocation (sexual or otherwise) seems vile.
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Yes, making accusations about people when they haven't done anything is foolish