It Hurts Discovering The True Extent Of Misandry. But I'd Rather Know The Truth!

Here we go. Misandry – that is, sexism directed against men – is an issue I have been interested in for years now and the more I find out about male suffering being dismissed and not given a **** about the more I get sad and angry about it and shout WHY? at my screen. (Seriously, earlier today, spit got on it again! I really need to get one of those microfiber cleaning cloths soon! :D)

War rape of men and boys, child soldiers, child slaves, the lower life expectancy, the staggering suicide rate, prison rape, misandrist laws e.g. against fathers and misandrist de facto policies in spite of gender-neutral laws on paper (by attorneys, police, courts, ...), glorifying violence, physical and emotional, towards men, glorifying hate against men, not giving a **** about their emotions and their suffering, no sympathy, no empathy, no love. Bullshitting about a patriarchy as if more than a few percent of men at the top were in any position of significant overbearing power. Schools and Universities failing boys and men. Most victims of violence being male. Virtually no support infrastructure for male violence victims, rape victims, men subject to misandry, male victims of domestic abuse, crossdressers, males subject to sissyphobia and transphobia and more feminine boys and men in general. Underpaid prostate cancer researched even though at least as many men die from it as women from breast cancer. The negative stereopypical portrayal of men and boys all over the place. Gay-bashing, the persecution of gays around the world, bullying, corporeal punishment only against boys in schools in some Asian countries. Missing male attachment figures in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, single-parent families, mainstream entertainment. Men being terminally afraid of physical intimacy with their family and friends. The UN e.g. fighting mostly against the trafficking of women, even though most people being trafficked are male work slaves, most of them young boys. False rape allegations. Men internalising the misandry and turnign on each other. People victim-blaming men who suffer. Men hating men and not trusting one another. I could go on!

But this is about how it feels for me as a human being. It ******* hurts reading about all those things knowing that due to the global chivalry pattern or whatever humanity is trapped in, most of their empathy and love goes towards women and girls by default – when men suffer they still find a way to twist it into it actually being women who suffer there so they can discard the men's suffering and move on to the half of the population that is easier to love, easier to empathize with, and easier to idealize and angelize due to their gender role and feminist spin, so they pure most of that onto them ... and THEN they wonder WHY more men are aggressive, are violent, commit more crimes, talk less about their feelings, smile less, are less attractive, are macho or homophobic.

Well, duh!!! If you want them to treat the world with love, the world has to treat them with love too. It's not that hard to understand. In fact, it seems so painfully simple to me that I can only facepalm at the world at large still not getting it in 2011. FOR ****'S SAKE!

On the other hand, it warms my heart to see the first small step-by-step progress of more empathy and compassion towards men and boys. Circumcision being outlawed in Sweden. Boy's day and boy's work projects in Europe. More male kindergarten teachers and nurses. Some equal opportunity commissioners giving equal attention to men's issues (often resulting in their sacking for not being P.C., but still they get work done before that!) Bromance. Yaoi. Inspiring well-rounded male role models, RL or fictional. Gay marriage legalisation. Yay! :)

To be clear, what I really don't like (not least because they are hurting the men's movement) are right-wing fundamentalists/homophobe/sissyphobe/transphobe/mysogynist "Men's Rights Activists". In fact, currently I like to call myself an equalist, partially to not make the same mistake the feminists made in denying the other gender's specific issues and ways of suffering from sexism and stupid gender roles.

I could write on about this for hours, but that's gonna have to wait for another post. Just had to get some of the pain off my chest, frankly!

If you want to do some own research on this wide topic, I recommend Wikipedia's article on Domestic Violence for starters, and then just browse through teh NCFM's web site. They are the best of their kind I found sofar, and seem to not shoot themselves in teh leg by housing the aforementionioned fundamentalists, as to many Men's Rights groups sadly do, yet another angrying WHATTHEFUCKERRY! (I like that word :D) This article on their blog shattered my world view considerably and made me more aware of the true extent of misandry: (More texts by the same author, Tim Goldich, who writes about men's issues with a focus and clarity I have not seen in anyone else's writings sofar: • • & SCNR! :D)

If you have the urge to write an angry WTF! knee-jerk response I ask you to do some own research on the issues mentioned yourself first, be it at the sources I mentioned or wherever else, just relying on your internal bullshit detector, and come to your own conclusions independent of feminists's, or anyone else's advocacy. This is just me subjectively relating how it felt and feels finding out about this stuff for me personally and not me explaining all the aspects of the issue, Tim Goldich does that way better anyway. Thanks for reading!
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I did not know of such a concept. Misandry... that is a brand new word to me, I have never come across it until now.

You know what? This is all starting to sound oddly right to me. I never realized just how much neglect and abuse that males suffer until now. It's as if "they" have got us by the cultural balls.

Men have to be tough. Men can't show emotion. Men have to "man up". Men this and that, bla bla bla... I used to think it was simply cultural peer pressure, started and perpetuated by alpha-males, and reinforced by mass media... I think the issue may be much deeper and uglier. Wow...

I will go and do a bit of research for myself. Thank you for sharing this information!

I cannot begin to express my indignation over the de facto decriminalization of women murdering their husbands and boyfriends in the US and probably many other countries corrupted by the influence of US feminists. It was founded on a theory by one feminist professor with a first name starting with "L." Maybe Lenora? During the OJ Simpson trial she was exposed as some kind of a quack. The defense--yes, you read right--the defense had to pull its plans to utilize her as a witness.

We cannot sit still for this. Next time that there is a high profile case that turns out like the Mary Winkler debacle in Tennessee, men and fair-minded women need to raise hell about it long and loud.

Something like 25% of rapes are men on men. The vast majority of victims of violence are men.

"Virtually no support infrastructure for male violence victims..." I can attest to this from bitter personal experience.

Boys and men are far more likely to be badly injured or killed because of intentional violence.

Men have much higher rates of suicide, self-destructive drug use, and incarceration.

Vindictive divorced mothers can practice Parental Alienation (PA), which easily makes a mockery of family law and shared custody. American family law is powerless in the face of PA.

I agree that there is a sinister tendency to glorify violence and hatred, physical and emotional, towards men, and glorifying hate against men. Two months ago, a woman I know well from church cut me off, saying "you men have broad shoulders" and changed the subject.

Billions of men are nobodies working at insignificant jobs. They have no "power" whatsoever.

Formal education is failing the mass of young men quite badly.

Woe unto the effeminate male! All my life, testosterone poisoned men have been surly and aggressive with me, hinting that I was a safe to bully sissy. This despite the fact that I am bald and nearly 6' tall.

Corporal punishment being reserved for boys was standard practice in the UK and USA until the 1970s.

I have very gradually come to see that quite a few women subtly withhold intimacy from sons and husbands. And it is very true that men don't talk about their feelings because they are not encouraged to do so.

There are masculine virtues, but they are little talked about nowadays except in foreign policy circles and the like.

Testosterone is not to blame according to what I've read about it. There is in both genders a strong tendency tp persecute other members of one's gender who seem to be not on the top rungs in popularity. It seems to me that men tend to out grow this in adulthood to a substantial extent. But it does not get any better at all for women with other women according to what I hear.

I think it's unfortunate that you have had to endure this in adulthood. I have experienced little of it since high school. But no longer having to be thrown in with all the blue collar kids once I graduated no doubt helped. If anybody had an excuse for class prejudice it would be me, since the misery inflicted on me in school came almost exclusively from the blue collar kids. But my faith convictions would not let me yield to such prejudice.

The problem with the Oppression of Women narrative, the Women as Victim story, is that it requires that women be stupid. But why would women be stupid? Women have been less educated, and were less socialised to be analytical (many men are too innumerate to be analytical). But never mind, because education and numeracy are not required to be cunning, to seek personal advantage at every opportunity.

Power is not the ability to command or to earn money. It is the ability to decide how the money others earn is spent. It is the ability to persuade those who hold titled authority. Women have always had these abilities.

A tragic fact of life used to be the high death rate while giving birth. This has been totally conquered in the First World, and one no longer hears of maternal mortality being a big problem in a fair bit of the Third. This is a huge advancement in the status of women, and one almost entirely due to the efforts of male dominated medicine.

Mothers have almost complete say in childrearing choices, and by virtue of that fact, women are the dominant players in shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation.

There is a classic restoration comedy titled "She Stoops to Conquer." That sentence distills everything one needs to know about the true but concealed power of women. My mother has told me for a half century "men have power, but women have influence." In other words, pillow talk rules.

It's interesting that you are a man of the Left yet you have this passion. The reason most MRAs are politically conservative is because they recognize the fact that the Left, all over the world, is irrevocably and profoundly committed to misandry. The idea that pervasive oppression by men is the story of women is very dear in the hearts of embracers of Leftist mythology. As long as the myth of men as normally being oppressors of women thrives, misandry will thrive. Men will be subjected to gross injustices, neglects, and abuses because they will be felt to deserve evil treatment. The Left is as deeply commited to the idea that women are good and men are bad as it is to anything. As long as your political weight is thrown in with the Left, it will be empowering the abusers of men.

Some good reading for you : /> />

I like to call myself an equalist,

you write beautifully...keep writing

I agree with some of your thoughts

but I feel all your passion and respected

and since you like the "F " word so much

what a ****** good job , you did in here

Thank you! :)