Men Bashing Every Day On Ep And Everywhere.

I get tired of it. Females do it all the time because its now become just how they talk. All the TV sitcoms bash men every day.

All the "news" media recites the latest "man is bad" day after day. They never report stories where a woman is bad, that's not "news." When all they ever say is "man is bad" they don't have to say "all men are bad." The message is the same.

I get tired of it on EP. And a lot of men have been raised by men bashing mothers and believe all the misandry too. Its just what they were told. I call them on their men bashing questions and stories. I wish more men would call them on it.
DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

For many decades men mistreated and abused their position in regards to women. So women fought back and acquired the government's support to the point that is has now become cute to talk down about men as less mature, intelligent, etc. But to me, the ones behave disrespectfully to men and likely have fathers, brothers, sons or nephews, are no better than the worst of men.