Is Good Journalism Dead?

I am a bit of a news junkie, but when I watch the news I notice that much of what is portrayed in the media is either biased, insensitive, or brimming with callous disregard for the viewer. I have noticed such even more so, when it comes to breaking news stories.

For example, in December during the news coverage of the unspeakable tragedy in Newtown CT, it was quite evident that the media and various news outlets capitalized off of the ordeal. I realize that most of these news organizations were doing their jobs, but I noticed that there was a level of insensitivity along with using such a tragedy to boost ratings. One of the many examples, was that of news anchors interviewing children that were directly affected by the tragedy itself. There were multiple accounts of anchors talking to those that were in the school as it happened.

My feeling at that time was one of empathy for those children who were interviewed, and disgust at the anchors who decided that it was appropriate to talk to the children. Some might say, "the anchors were doing their required duities". Perhaps so. However, I felt that a line was immediately crossed when the anchors did not give space to the students which would allow time for them to cope and internalize what just happened.

I use that instance to make one overarching point, and that is that it seems that good journalism is now in the past. We no longer see passionate anchors that care about delivering the news for the good of the viewers. We see anchors and news organizations that have succumbed to the glamour of fame, and high media ratings. The local and national news is now a million perhaps billion dollar empire. It has become more so about the dollar, than about delivering quality news, along with sharing good news.

Journalists from times past such as Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and others of the same fold, revolutionized what news was. However, the current generation of anchors and reporters lack the necessary zeal to provide viewers with substantial content. I just feel as if we as viewers are being robbed of great journalism. It is now a selfish ploy to gain an advantage, to earn more money, and to capitalize off of all of the negativity that we see in our society. My hope is that we as viewers can parse between legitimate news stories, and stories that are merely used to increase one's capital. News is no longer what it once was, and as a bit of a news junkie, I think good journalism has been lost or is on its way to being lost.
NinjaGuide321 NinjaGuide321
26-30, M
Jan 18, 2013