So Tired of the Bs!!!!

My husband actually turned me on to this site. He found it by accident one day and joined. He showed me all it was about and I decided to follow his lead. I have met some wonderful people on here. I cherish each and every one of my friends here. But, I am so tired of people not coming here to share their experiences with others....all they have come here for is to find a mate.....cyber....or just plain cause problems and make judgements. These are the kind of people that do not belong on this site. I love what EP is all about. These people have twisted the beliefs of EP. Turned it into something its not. We need to stand strong together and fight this BS!!! I know I will fight it tooth and nail. Im here and Im not going anywhere. I almost left here myself....but Im not going to let people run me away from something good.

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I see I've raised a little mini-tempest. Let me clarify.<br />
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If you say, for example, "I hate it that people come to EP to find a mate or to find cybersex and I wish they would just leave", that is your feeling, your truth and I believe you are entitled to it and its full ex<x>pression. I respect that.<br />
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But if you say, "all they have come here for is to find a mate.....cyber.... These are the kind of people that do not belong on this site", you have attempted to be righteous about your feelings and because people are using the site in ways that you wouldn't (or even in ways that the site authors had not anticipated), you proclaim that they don't "belong" here. Deciding who belongs in a place is a right reserved for the owner of a place. And anyway, it's not that the people don't belong here, it's that a few people are intruding where they aren't welcome and are simply being annoying.<br />
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Please let us all practice tolerance for diversity and respect for others. As we condemn and proscribe inappropriate actions and behaviors, let us not forget to love and support the (probably children, mentally ill and lonely, socially inept singles) who misuse the freedom and anonymity of the internet.<br />
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Peace to you,<br />

Thanks Justdone!!!! That comment means the world to me! I am so glad to have you as my friend!! I have a lot of wonderful friends here that I am so thankful for!!!

Thanks so much Redholly hun!!! You ROCK!!! Youre the best sweetie! You said it all!

Thanks so much Spacenut!!! I am tired of judgemental people. I do not OWN this site.Most of us are tired of the BS!!!!!!!! I know I am for one!!!

I don't get it. I saw nothing in the EP rules about what it was for when I joined. EP is for whatever people find it useful for.<br />
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This is the internet, where freedom of speech / ex<x>pression rules and anyone who can afford to pay for an ISP can join in.<br />
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We all "belong" here and it's hilarious that some folks think they own it. <br />
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If someone's messages annoy you, just press "delete" and block them. If you are really getting bothered, put up a picture of an old woman for your user picture and change your age to 75 - your friends will still know who you are.

I may have to start a group. But, I dont know if too many people would realize who Rankin Bass is. lol

You aint right!!! But I luv ya!!! lmao I love the Rankin Bass shows for the holidays always my favorite.

Lmao Celainn hun. I love your rock girly!!! ;)

Thanks Clara hun....we need to stick to that. People need to remember what EP is all about.

i agree with you thats what i joined for to share experiences and write stories about them and to make friends who share things in common too

I love what you just said sweetie!!! I totally agree. No one here needs this at all. Thanks for you comment! We are all gonna band together and stop the BS!

I am sick to death of it!!!! Im tired of people not being who they are and continuing to play games with others feelings and emotions. This is not a pick up site. I developed a relationship here....but it went wrong. The relationship happened by accident of course. I didnt come here for that. Sometimes you just connect...I will not do it again on here. I want face to face.