Oh My Gosh

Look all you young, immature, kids trying to act special fit in and be cool. Look there is no real vampires and werewolves. Its all fun. I understnad you want to mkae your little packs and stay in touch and all that, and its really cool that you do that im glad you guys can find other role playing dorks like yourself im not using dork in a bad way but wow guys just wow i mean wow. Honestly it cool if you play werewolf but dont say you are a real werewolf. Or a real vampire its just sad that you guys go beyond just playing your new version of dungeons and dragons and then play this crazy new even more dorky version called Vampires and werewolves. Its ok that you play it but just realize its not cool youre not special youre a person playing a game yes it is exactly!!! EXACTLY like Dungeons and Dragons, except now you are not only dorky you are even more immature, much much much more impressionable much much much more pathetic. And most of all much less cool. You are a bunch oif young hormonal people who think its cool to fit in and play this game. And thats fine but dont say that oh i need to feed or yeah i changed or whatever. Because you effing didnt. Its a game, its called myths and legends for a reason. The same reason that legend is used so often in videogames. I am sad to see that so many not only play this but they actually say they believe this, i write "say" because no one absolutely no one is truly truly dumb enough to believe this stuff is real or that they are actually real. You cant morph or change or whatever you think you very very immature young kids. In fact if you drink too much blood it induces vomiting because we cant eat it, and arent meant to. Bt thats fine if you have your little fetish or whatever just dont say you need it or youre a real vampire. And its cool if you pretend to be a werewolf and join a pack or whatever you call them, but dont say you actually morphed because no you cant and could never so please just keep your little fantasies in check jeez.

Ok so people think they are werewolves? then how about this you just send me your video of you changing with pixie dust or whatever and then i will personally apologixze for doubting you but until then please dont get so serious about your role playing fantasies leave that for playing in your basements.
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I am Jesus,diff said..

you very well may be

Believe what you want but my word there are werewolves and vampires no offence

shutup will ya

Now the Walking Dead out,Zombies take the throne good thing thou cause TWD is not meant for children besides the Daryl obsessions

They think they are special

LMFAO this made me laugh SO hard I almost cried. You, buddy are a freaking hilarious genius! I love your story hahaha<br />
You made my day!!!<br />
And... You missed the "witches"

My gosh ur awesome!!

ummm.. ok?

Wow umm certainly direct..