Oh Great Goodness!

Here is something that I feel is necessary to point out to EPer's.

- If someone is not your friend, or not your fan, you DO NOT come up on their activity feed. Unless they are a creeper, and stalk you daily, they will NOT see EVERYTHING you compose here at EP. They might see stuff in the suggestions box, IF they pay attention to that stuff. I, for example, come onto EP, check my new comments/messages, maybe type something if I'm in the mood and then I get off. I used to do a lot more than that. I don't now.

-If someone is your friend and you have HIDDEN your recent activity, they CANNOT see it in their activity feed.

-You cannot rationally expect someone to participate with your contributions to EP if they cannot see them in their recent updates, and if you're not their friend. This isn't Scavengerhunt.com, it's EP. If someone just doesn't have anything productive to say, when they actually DO see things that you've written, they are not under any obligation to comment. If you make them feel guilt over this, then they feel the need to separate themselves from you and this site.
urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Jul 15, 2010