Asperger's And Social Phobia.

I too am tired of trying to be social as I am always being rejected. I have Asperger's and Social Phobia and have never been like other people. I can't read social cues or body language and can't connect or bond with people and feel uneasy and awkward in social situations and have trouble making friends. I want to have friends, be accepted, fit in and be liked but it never works out that way and there's always something about me that invites ridicule, teasing and bullying. I have always been ostracized and have never fit in. People always take what I say and do the wrong way,I offend people when it's not my intention and I mean well, and they reject me. It hurts trying to make friends but always being rejected and always having everyone hate me and think I'm weird. I had a very hard childhood and nothing has changed as an adult. I have always felt alone and prefer to keep to myself but it gets very lonely. I "socialize" better with people online than in person,I avoid crowds and don't "mingle", and due to being bullied, rejected and ostracized I have no self esteem and have pretty much given up on trying to inter-act and socialize with other people and am withdrawing into myself even more and the more traumas I endure my Social Phobia worsens and now it's gotten so bad that I can't even talk on the phone to strangers and I pretty much just stay in my house (except for church once a week) where I feel safe.
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Have you tried groups for people with Asperger's Syndrome or looking for other people with AS online, then maybe meeting in person? You can meet some at I hang out there a lot and I love it.

Please be kind to yourself. You are valuable and unique. If you want involvement with others, try a service project where you're doing something. Standing around, talking about nonsense, is not for you. Volunteer at an animal shelter or work in a church ministry that takes care of others less fortunate. Try something like this maybe once or twice a month, however often you feel comfortable. Good luck!