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**** Yeah

one day is too long...just too long....need it now
deleted deleted 26-30 19 Responses Nov 21, 2007

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Cancel's not you i'm talking about in that story..but i would be don't want to toy with women's will only hurt them and backfire on you later..i think a little harmless flirting is ok..but just don't get involved any deeper with multiple girls at once..and don't use them just for sex either..just a tip... msterling...RUN!! ;)

lol..yay!! so much fun! at ease soldier!

lol..thanks do you...wait..what am i saying.. ALL Canadian girls (and honorary Canadian girls) rock!!!<br />
<br />
ooo..i llooooove fireworks....but you'll have to do it on Canada day instead..remember...we're canadian ;)

lol...stand straight 'soldier' lol girls are so funny! canadian girls are the best

awww...msterling!! so sorry hun! *hugs* we're all your friends...just think how hot that would be if the 4 of us got you ;)

darn rights..actually..two BEST friend!!'ll have to come visit me too since i'm visiting you next summer!

Fergie...i'm in between both! i'm american but living in canada! hmm...that's a tough one!

lol...although...there is something bad about this..i've lived in canada since i was 4..but i was born in Maimi Florida..i'm an american/german citizen...i'm so bad!! but i still believe i'm canadian in every other way!!

yay Canada!!

are you canadian too tia?

ps...i know what your name stands for..only a true canadian would!!

me too.!! i think i only live about 8 hours away from you!! hee hee

lol..oh spoke too soon tbayfinngirl!! <br />
<br />
hey..are you from canada, tbay?

spank him? nooo..that would give him too much pleasure..just keep on what we're's working!

lol..meh..i dont' feel too bad..he was getting greedy..he wanted too many women at girls!!

i'm not too busy!! you guys are just too fast for me! <br />
aww fergie..i'm yours? ok...well..which one of is the naughty one and which one is the nice one? hmm...i guess we'll find out more next summer right?

what would you guys consider me? lol...