One More Time

I was just terminated because I was "unprofessional." I am retired from education so I thought that being a student teacher supervisor would be fun and keep me in touch with the educational profession. On my last assignment, I made an appointment to see the principal, a woman, to introduce myself. We had a wonderful chat and shared both personal and professional information. The next thing I know is that my supervisor is talking to me saying that the principal is accusing me of spying on her and her teachers. I was not allowed to talk to anyone. I could not go into the teachers' lounge for any reason. If I had any paperwork to do, I was to sit in the hall on the floor. No matter what I did, it was wrong. This is not the first time I have been treated as if I had the plague by another woman.

simplywrong simplywrong
61-65, F
Feb 12, 2010