Women Against Women?

This is so real.  Once a friend of mine, who was divorced with three kids and have to support them on her own ( kids 2 -8-13) because her  irresponsible ex husband was not giving her a coin to help her.  She is an attorney and found a job very easy, but then she had to leave her children alone, send a taxi to pick them up from school, something the kids were the last picked up from parties, sometimes, the once that did not have the homework done.  All of the women from school will criticize her, when all she was doing was working hard to give the a private school education, food, cloths, and a nice house.

I recall once she told me that women were mean and cruel to other women.  But when a man, is left on his own with a child, all of the ladies are there to support him and become more than maids to help him out with the fay by day parenting/school.

Men support men much more than women supporting other women.  That's a shame


It should be the contrary, don't you think?  We all should support each other.  So,  I Do that since then....., I help women when they need to be listen, when they need to be supported, when they need help with their kids. And I am very happy my friend told me how she felt, so I could improve my way of being with all the women I know.  Later, I was just like her, dealing with kids and being an executive, the difference between her and me is that my ex is a very responsible guy and that I work to fill balance and complete, doing what I like to do, what I studied for, and knowing that I was with my kids 24/7/350 for so many years, that it was "my time then".....


MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2010