Guess there's only so much repeated breakage and piecing back together our hearts can endure.

At one point it became just too damn much for mine. Oh, I'd love to believe ppl again, I'd love to fall for someone...but I'm jaded.

Men come on to me, some of them good guys but I trust no one, no one allowed near. I keep ppl in arms distance, close enough to seem friendly, far enough not to get hurt again.

I don't like this jaded state of mind, miss love, touch...yet, there is a strange comfort in being numb.

You are in control, no one can hurt u...and that's how/why I stay... comfortably numb...
Godess4Fun Godess4Fun
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

It sounds good. Yes. But who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself. You come off hard to fight the pain of lonelyness. A cuddle buddy? That also sounds good. But you know, as do I where that cuddleing would take us... just saying. Never give up on love. There is someone who is perfect for you and me. Could we be soulmates?

We could be like minded, but soulmates...well almost everybody on Earth wants the same things in general, so we're all soulmates in sense. Wish i could have a cuddle buddy as numb as I am, so they want no more than the comfort we provide for each other, but ur probably right-only man that would work with is an impotent one.