woke up at 7..thats very early for me. Had a long day but cant remember what i did today, time just flew. Girlfriends depressed, bulimic and bipolar.. shes lovely when she has the energy, otherwise she can be very distant. She had a bad anxiety attack last night, i'm usually pretty composed but this was a big 1. It was really sad to watch. I'll be flying out in a few days back home.. she's not too happy with that naturally. Her friend left yesterday and now i'm leaving in a few days, we all have to get back to our lives. She has a lot of personality in her, she can be soo great.. its really too bad that this mental disorder is bringing her down, no thanks to her psychotic father (hes long gone).

I'm not too happy with my life either, i have to go back jobless, looking for work again. I did gain one thing while being here. While i was researching self help therapy for her I learnt some things about myself. Now i can go back home with a better perspective on life. Our biggest worry is whether she will try and kill herself again when I go. She might succeed the next time. I dont know how I will take it if it happens.

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Wow...I'm NOT judging here..but she needs help. You can't always get her out of situations, especially if you are not there with her. That is too much stress to put on you. That's sad that she wants to kill herself. I've been there, but she has to want to help herself, you can't do it for her. Does she see anyone to talk to? Sorry if I have overstepped any boundaries.