Babyslave Is To Be Prostituted To Raise Money For Charity.

Babyslave was informed by her mistress last night that for a period of 24 hours on a weekend in August she will be made available to guests who are paying Mistress Sandie for the use of her slave as a sex toy. (brother and sister slaves are permitted to use babyslave as their Master/Mistress stipulates provided the menu price is agreed.)

The Male Menu.

Hand ************ from babyslave £50
******* babyslave’s mouth £100
******* babyslave’s **** £200
******* babyslave’s arsehole £300
******* all three of babyslave’s **** holes £500

The Female Menu.

babyslave using her hands to bring you to ****** £10
babyslave using her mouth to bring your to ****** £25
babyslave using both to bring you to ****** £50
******* babyslave’s mouth with a strap-on of your choice £75
******* babyslave’s **** with a strap-on of your choice £100
******* babyslave’s arsehole with a strap-on of your choice £150
******* all three of babyslave’s holes £250

Side Orders. (Additional charges)

Placing babyslave in bondage (without furniture) for ******* £250
Placing babyslave in bondage with furniture for ******* £400
Using babyslave as a urinal (Male) pee only £25
Using babyslave as a toilet (Female) pee only £25

Extras. (Additional charges as per 6 strokes)
Experienced practitioners only, no striking babyslave’s ****, **** or arsehole!

Bare hand spanking (OTK) £30
Wooden hair brush (OTK) £40
Paddle (wooden) (OTK) £50
Paddle (leather) (OTK) £60
2” leather belt (OTK) £50
4” leather belt (OTK) £60

Cat’o nine (suspended) £60
Leather flogger (suspended) £60
Rubber flogger (suspended) £60

Rattan cane (1/4”) (standing wrists cuffed to ankles.) £80
Rattan cane (3/8”) (standing wrists cuffed to ankles.) £80
Leather Riding crop. (standing wrists cuffed to ankles.) £100

Specialties or a mixed menu can be discussed for a fixed price prior to the event.

All practitioners ******* babyslave will wear condoms, after satisfying themselves a slave girl will place the used condom in a refrigerator brought in for the event.
After 23 hours are up babyslave will remove all of the used condoms and empty the ***** into an enema bag, the bag will be warmed as babyslave is prepared for her enema.
babyslave will receive the full enema and when the bag is empty she will be suspended in clear plastic pants, her nipples will be weighted and all those who so kindly ******, whipped or used babyslave will be permitted to use their choice of toy to make babyslave ***, **** or release the enema into her plastic pants.
The person who makes babyslave mess her plastic pants the most will be invited back at a later date and have babyslave for their pleasure for a full weekend.

As to who will be allowed to try to make babyslave mess her plastic pants first this will be decided by secret bidding. During the preceding 23 hour period all present will be asked to bid for babyslave for 48 hours. (brother and sister slaves are not permitted to bid but may be the recipient of babyslave if their Master/Mistress wins.)
If babyslave does not ***, **** or release her enema into her plastic pants before the 24 hours is up Mistress Sandie will choose who babyslave will spend the 48 hours with.

If enough money is raised and babyslave does ***, **** or release her enema into her plastic pants, as a bonus to all in attendance babyslave’s final act of submission will be to lick her fluids from her plastic pants and any spillage on the floor after she is released.


You may not be able to join us but your suggestion may be of interest to some of my guests. Don’t forget to add what price you think it should be.

I thank you for your time.

Mistress Sandie.
babyslave’s owner.
kimcarr kimcarr
26-30, F
9 Responses Jul 16, 2010

wow,,what a brilliant idea,,i would genuinely do it for animal charity for dogs and horses mostly,,i would suck ****,,eat *****,,sex with me,,male or female,,or in a bangbang,mixed or with just guys,,
Male menu,
anal bareback,200e
3sum,2 guys 275e

female menu,
female to watch 2 guys 100e
eat ***** out 50e,
anything with female,

genuinely would do but very disgreet,,but i do not think that would go ahead here,,but love animals so much,i would do all the above for them,,,

Was it a successful charity prostitution?

This sounds like a fun day. Wish I had someone to make me do this

I would enjoy being used in the same way,

What a wonderful owner to create such an enthralling list of events! Hope all went as planned and you raised for her a lot of money:)

I hope all went great and now you can have that much needed rest !!!<br />
Hope to read all about how the event went !!!!<br />
<br />
Master Giley

Hello Master GILEY & anyone else interested.<br />
<br />
The event above is to take place this weekend, the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of August.<br />
Mistress Sandie has told me that if i do her proud i may have next week off work to recover so my account will not be online until September.<br />
<br />

Nothing has been heard about this Auction, so I wanted to know how it was going ??

Mistress Sandie and Baby---<br />
This is FANTASTIC !! I support everything on the menu !! <br />
My slave also has had different enemas and I insert them and than I put in a but plug to hold in the jucies.If she releases them too early { before 1 hr } she is dilidoed one into her mouth by using a O-ring gag, and another into her *** and another into her ****. I use this method many times as needed for punishment--and she DOES NOT LIKE IT !!! I am PRO PUNISHMENT and also being a Gorean Master does not hurt either. { LOL }.<br />
<br />
Keep up the hard work, and please Mistress, keep me posted on how everything is going !!<br />
Master Giley